Dirty Hands

Song: Dirty Hands
Performed by: Edward Moon, Philip Cheeter
Synopsis: With the help of a guitar, Edward Moon gets Philip Cheeter to wash his hands.



Edward: Look at your hands, they're such useful tools!
Philip: What?
Edward: They can wave to a friend or hold power tools!
Philip: Oh my god, you're right!
Edward: But like all good equipment, you must keep them clean,
When you go to the toilet, you know what that means,
Philip: Uhm, no. What does that mean?
Edward: Dirty hands! Covered in germs!
Dirty hands! Microscopic worms!
Dirty hands! Wash them with soap!
Dirty hands! Wash them again with soap!
Philip: Alright, alright, Edward. I'm washing them - with soap. You happy now? See? Clean hands!