Edward's Fantastic Journey

Song: Edward's Fantastic Journey
Performed by: Edward Moon, Philip Cheeter
Synopsis: Edward Moon recounts his bus journey to Philip Cheeter in musical form.



Edward: I've had such a difficult morning,
It started at the bus stop with little warning,
I got on the bus like I do each day,
But when I checked my pockets, I didn't have enough to pay.
Philip: So you didn't have any money for the bus?
Edward: I needed 2 dollars to pay the fare, but a nice old lady decided to share.
Philip: That was nice of her. So you did get on the bus!
Edward: The bus set off, we were on our way,
I checked my watch, everything was okay.
Philip: That doesn't explain why you were late, though.
Edward: On the way downtown I fell asleep,
When I woke up later I began to weep.
Philip: Weep? You mean cry? Edward, if I could summarize your pointless song: You got on the bus this morning, didn't have any money, you took a nap, then you started crying like a little girl! But I still don't know why you were late! What is the point?
Edward: I missed my stop!