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Icarus Quincy
Chief Financial Officer

Image of Icarus Quincy
Name: Icarus Archibald Quincy
Position: Chief Financial Officer, Certified Public Accountant
Birthday: April 15th (Tax Day)
Nationality: American
Email: icarus.quincy@delavignecorp.com
Favorite Films: All About My Mother, Revenge of the Nerds, Pi
Cocktail of Choice: Milk (warm with two sugars)
Hobbies and Interests: Miniature Ship Building, Numbers, Advanced Calculus, Income Tax Preparation, Pencil Sharpening, Bow-ties, Budget Balancing, Internet Scrabble


Icarus Archibald Quincy was born at 12:01 AM on Tax Day, April 15th, one minute later than his parents expected. It was the first and only time Icarus has ever been late for an appointment. At the age of nine, Icarus was helping his parents understand their bank statements. By the time he was 11, he had made a small fortune on the stock market investing his savings in soy beans. One year later, Icarus filed for legal independence, concerned that he was no longer a fiscal asset to his family.

At the age of 15, he found himself in Hell's Kitchen, New York, keeping the books for notorious gangsters such as Anthony 'Tony Pro' Provezzano and Mikey 'Three-teeth' Sollazo. Though Icarus loved his work and had become a local legend in the neighborhood, he had bigger ambitions. At night, he dreamed of adding machines, calculators and long division: Icarus Quincy was destined for the exciting world of corporate accounting.

After finishing university at the top of his class, Quincy was recruited personally by Bruno Delavigne, who had heard rumors of a young accounting prodigy with mafia ties from his sources on the East Coast. Quincy was hired immediately and began his career in the mailroom, where he sorted envelopes at record speeds.

Quincy was soon promoted to deputy envelope sorter, and when longtime Delavigne CFO Bill 'Sticky Fingers' Davies took a leave of absence to attend the birth of his child, Icarus made his move. His accounting skills impressed management so much that he was given Davies' position while his predecessor was diapering his newborn's bottom. Icarus is visited frequently by his colleagues for staplers, paper clips, and other office supplies.

Memorable Quotes

If you have a warm glass of milk, I'd be much obliged.
I walk on the wild side from time to time.
Don't panic, Kevin! Whatever you do, don't panic.

Fun Facts

  • Icarus is afraid of heights, people, small spaces, large dogs and the dark.
  • Icarus is allergic to the following things: walnuts, bananas, alcohol, spicy foods and salt.
  • Icarus lives with his mother Marilyn and a Siamese cat called Numbers.
  • Icarus has recently discovered online dating sites, which he frequents under the aliases 'BigIckySlick' and 'IckDaddy69'.