Warbuckle’s Tune

Song: Warbuckle’s Tune
Performed by: Edward Moon, Harold Warbuckle
Synopsis: Edward Moon sings a song for and about Harold Warbuckle.



Edward: This is a song about Harold Warbuckle,
Harold: That's me!
Edward: He loves to shoot guns and get into trouble,
Harold: Sure do!
Edward: Harold has a business and he sells many things,
He's got department stores from here to...
Harold: Beijing!
Edward: Where's that? Africa?
Harold: South America, you idiot!
Edward: Oh! Harold wears boots and a cowboy hat,
He eats lots of food which makes him...
Harold: Sexy!
Edward: Yeah sexy. Harold loves beer and he smells of gin,
Come on Harold, it's time to sing!
Harold: I'm Harold Warbuckle and I've got a big gun,
I make all the animals run, run, run!
Edward: Harold Warbuckle!
Harold: Oh! That was great!
Edward: So you're not going to shoot me?
Harold: No kid, you're alright! Now go get me a coffee!