Jamaican Love

Song: Jamaican Love
Performed by: Edward Moon, Jamaican ‘girl’
Synopsis: Edward Moon and his special Jamaican friend sing some sweet reggae music.



Jamaican girl: Touch me Edward!
Edward: I'm touching you, baby!
Jamaican girl: Rub my skin!
Edward: I'm rubbing your skin!
Jamaican girl: Spread your cream all over my limbs!
Edward: Your legs and arms?
Jamaican girl: That's right baby! Now, I'm gonna turn over,
Edward: Yeah, turn over!
Jamaican girl: As slowly as I can!
Edward: Tease me baby!
Jamaican girl: You'll probably notice
Edward: You've got a nice tan?
Jamaican girl: No, I'm really a man.
Edward: Ahhh! You're a man! You're really a man! Oh no, daydreaming again.