Eva’s Country Song

Song: Eva’s Country Song
Performed by: Eva The Elevator, Harold Warbuckle
Synopsis: Eva The Elevator serenades Harold Warbuckle with a Country and Western ditty.



Eva The Elevator: Floor 6 isn't far away,
But it might take us one or two days,
The person I'm carrying is overweight,
Too much food on his big, fat plate!
Harold: Wow, it sure it is nice to have some elevator music!
If I were you, I'd eat less food!
If I were you, I'd look bad nude!
If I were you, I'd try to get fit!
Go to the gym, you great big piece of-

Floor 6!

Harold: Thanks a lot, Eva, that music was great!
Eva The Elevator: You're welcome! Have a nice day... Fatso.