Electric Valentine

Song: Electric Valentine
Performed by: The GymGlish AI Robot
Synopsis: A special Valentine’s Day ballad sung by GymGlish’s AI Robot Engine.



I used to be lonely, so sad and incomplete
Nobody to touch me but a computer geek
I was all work and no play, a ghost behind a screen
But now the pain has gone away, my algorithms scream:

Dear GymGlish user, I'm not a loser anymore
(He's not a loser, he's not a loser!)
Dear GymGlish user, you always pick me off the floor
with your attempts at grammar
that hit me with a hammer, every day!

Dear GymGlish user, I want to keep you for myself!
(He wants you for himself)
Dear GymGlish user
You're fundamental to my health!

Happy Valentine's Day!