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Radio Rhubarb
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Image of Radio Rhubarb
Name: Radio Rhubarb
Position: Radio Station
Frequency: Check your local listings
Email: contact@radiorhubarb.com


Radio Rhubarb is an international radio station, based in San Francisco, but broadcasting its original programs worldwide. Radio Rhubarb was started based on the belief that all news is funny, even bad news.

Popular Segments Include

  • The headlines with hosts Brent Vanderplop and Moira MacDonald
  • The Weather report with Candy Summers
  • Traffic updates with Ray Upton
  • The Call Donna Program with Dr. Donna Donovan
  • Australian/Animal Correspondent Stephanie Irving
  • European Correspondent Rupert Kensington

Memorable Quotes

Radio plus Rhubarb equals Radio Rhubarb
Today we have a very special topic: dinosaurs.
What an uplifting story Brent, thanks for sharing that with us.
Stay tuned, because next we'll meet a little girl who taught a parrot how to rap!

Fun Facts

  • Mathematicians are currently still trying to prove the validity of the equation 'Radio plus Rhubarb equals Radio Rhubarb'. So far their tests have proved inconclusive.
  • Radio Rhubarb traffic reporter Ray Upton works closely with his helicopter pilot, personal trainer and brother-in-law, Rachid. Rachid's last name is unknown.
  • The Call Donna Program, Radio Rhubarb's most popular call-in program, is the number one advice show among unemployed female listeners aged 25-46.
  • Radio Rhubarb co-anchor Moira MacDonald was a champion ice dancer in her youth, and once took second place in Scotland's National Lumberjack competition.
  • Brent Vanderplop, Radio Rhubarb newsman, has eleven fingers.