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Hannah Benedict
Head of Retail

Image of Polly Jane Watson
Name: Hannah Benedict
Position: Head of Retail
Nationality: British (Stoke-On-Trent)
Hobbies and Interests: Avoiding direct sunlight, Zen rock gardening, Collecting cats, Live-blogging royal weddings, Creating homemade kefir, Cultivating live bacteria, Pickling flowers, Flowering pickles, Amateur phlebotomy, Animal advocacy, Avocado advocacy.


Hailing from a small city (Stoke-on-Trent) in Staffordshire, England, Hannah Benedict has made an indelible impression on the Delavigne staff with her inspired fashion choices, positive attitude and her nearly indecipherable accent. Despite the constant communication issues she presents, Hannah does her job with professionalism rarely seen at the Delavigne Corporation, and has managed to overcome a major obstacle in the language barrier between her and her colleagues.

Her upbringing in Stoke taught Hannah the value of hard work and dedication, but also gave her an eye for artisanal pottery, an appreciation which serves no purpose in Hannah's everyday life.

When Hannah isn't roaming the halls of the sales department, sipping on tea and doing her job with aplomb, she is likely confusing San Franciscans with her charming way of speaking.


I'm just reading a book. It's a cookbook called 'Look Like a Cook'.
Now then, I'm looking for a new fragrance. Something classic, something timeless: a signature scent.

Fun Facts

  • Hates singer-songwriter Elkie Johns with a passion following a multi-generational family feud.
  • Best friends at Delavigne office include Icarus Quincy, Luna DeLune and a robot vacuum cleaner named Silas.
  • Certified Parachutist.
  • Experimented with time-travel in the past and future.
  • Distinctive accent from region of Stoke often causes problems when speaking to her phone's artificial intelligence feature.
  • First name 'Hannah' is a palindrome.
  • Ironically hates perfumes and only uses natural soaps.